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 A bold, new initiative by Hatzolah, that will bring life-saving defibrillators into the community.

START THE HEART is an exciting new program that will bring defibrillators – a portable piece of equipment that can restart the heart when someone has a cardiac arrest – into a number of our community organisations, schools and synagogues. 

Cardiac arrest kills over 30,000 Australians every year.  Fewer than 5% survive.

Why is this the case?  Because people do not arrest conveniently in hospitals.  They do so in the street, their homes, their work place.  Without defibrillation, survival rates are extremely poor.  With CPR alone a person’s chances of surviving a cardiac arrest is less than 5%.  It skyrockets to 75% if prompt CPR is administered, in conjunction with defibrillation within the first four minutes.

When a person has a cardiac arrest their heart stops beating effectively.  It can happen to anyone, anywhere.  In a cardiac arrest, the heart no longer pumps blood to the brain.  Without the oxygen and nutrients supplied by the blood, brain cells begin to die within minutes and death soon follows

GANDEL PHILANTHROPY has provided a grant to HATZOLAH, which will enable us to install up to 70 defibrillators in Jewish organisations who apply for them and meet the basic criteria.  Training will also be provided for key staff members in these organisations so that people know what to do in an emergency.

Bringing defibrillators into public spaces is a bold and innovative development in the life and well being of our community. If utilised properly, they have the potential to save countless lives.

Expressions of Interest for the Start the Heart program have now closed.