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Safety Tips

Chevra Hatzolah


   I’m kind of new to this, so I am going to need your help.

What do we need to do to look after our skin this summer? After a cold winter, we are all looking forward to the warmer weather, but it is really important that we protect our skin from the sun.

How many of the blank spaces below can you correctly fill in?

1. Which country has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world?

   (a) United States     (b) Fiji      (c) Australia        (d) Israel

2. The less someone protects their skin when they are _________, the greater the chance of them getting skin cancer when they are adults.

(a) Younger      (b) Older

3. UV stands for:   

(a) Ultra vicious     (b) Ultra violet       (c) Unlimited vacation

4. Which hat offers the best form of protection from the sun?

(a) Mexican Sombrero  (b) Shtreimel  (c) Baseball Cap  (d) Kippah


5. ‘Slip! (on a shirt) Slop! (on sunscreen) and Slap! (on a _______)


 (a) Umbrella   (b) Kippah   (c) Hat   (d) Beard

 6. When is UV radiation strongest in Victoria?  

(a) 12.00am         (b) 12.00pm         (c) 4.30pm

7. What sun protection factor (SPF) sunscreen is the best to use?

(a) 5            (b) 15+            (c) 30+          (d) 150

8. Can the sun burn you when it is a cloudy day?   

(a) Yes        (b) No

9. Can eyes get sunburnt?   

(a) Yes, so UV protection sunglasses are important to protect my eyes

(b) No, so sunglasses are just there to make me look cool

10. For full sun protection you need to put on sunscreen, T-shirt, sunglasses and what else?

(a) Hat      (b) Kittel        (c) Chocolate Spread       (d) Tanning Oil

11. You should apply sunscreen ____ minutes before going out.

(a) 5          (b) 10         (c) 200         (d) 20

12. If you get sunburnt you should:

  (a) Eat lots of chocolate

(b) Stay out in the sun. After all, you can’t get burnt again!

(c) Avoid further sun exposure, drink lots, take cool showers and apply a cool compress

Remember to call Hatzolah if you have blisters, headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, or severe pain from being out in the sun! 9527 5111