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Safety Tips

Chevra Hatzolah

The Mask and Oxygen

Some Background....

We have all used tiny Leggo pieces to build things ranging from houses to spaceships. In a similar way, our bodies are made up of millions of tiny pieces called cells. Yet, unlike Leggo, each of our cells is living. And one of the things that each cell needs to survive is Oxygen.

Oxygen is in the air around us. Each time we breathe, Oxygen enters our lungs, and from there is carried to each of our cells by the blood.

So what are the Mask and Oxygen used for?

We all know that when we are sick we feel like resting. It is our body’s way of letting us know that it wants to use all its energy for getting better rather than, for example, running around.

The air around us does not contain pure oxygen; it contains other gases as well. This doesn’t really matter when someone is feeling well. To get more oxygen, we just breathe faster!

But like we said before, when someone feels unwell, the body likes to rest so it can concentrate on getting better. One of the things that Hatzolah can do to help a patient’s body rest, is to give PURE oxygen, with nothing else mixed in. This means that the body doesn’t have to worry about breathing faster, it can just concentrate on getting better.

How do we deliver pure oxygen to the patient?

If the Hatzolah responders believe that oxygen will help, they will suggest that a Hudson mask be put on the patient’s face. We use the Hudson mask to deliver the pure Oxygen to the patient. The mask is connected via a tube to a cylinder containing oxygen. And that’s it.

DOES IT HURT??????!!!!!!


NOT AT ALL! The patient just keeps breathing normally, but will often feel much better very soon. And that’s the good news. A bit of extra oxygen can help someone feeling unwell, feel much better.